About Us

Hello and welcome! We are Mike and Laura, a couple living on the edge of the Kaipara Harbour in NZ. In 2010, we moved here from central north island, Mt Ruapehu,  with the intention of living a handmade and sustainable life, cherishing the simplicity with our family of six. This dream had always lingered in the back of our minds since Laura and I first met in the late 90s. We also nurtured a desire to pursue our artistic endeavors, teaching, and sharing our passions with others.

To realize our vision of a handmade and simplistic lifestyle, I established Magpie Art Studio. My fascination with clay began when I was 16 and attended a ceramic course at night school. Since then, I have been hooked, and even after 30 years, I still enjoy working with clay. Every piece I create on the pottery wheel is unique, as I produce 100% of the glazes used in the studio. Opening the kiln is always a delightful surprise.

Laura, on the other hand, has always had a creative spirit, with oil painting being her primary passion. However, during the years when our children were younger, her focus shifted to the family. Now that our kids are growing older, she has been finding more time in the day to immerse herself in her beautiful art. You can explore her work at https://www.lauraworrallart.com/

When you purchase an item from us, you are not only acquiring a piece of handmade art but also supporting a small family. We are dedicated to using quality materials and embodying self-sustainability and Kiwi values in our product range. Additionally, we have a personal goal of reducing waste, and we compost and recycle on-site, transforming our land into a veritable garden of Eden.