About Us

Hello! and welcome, we are Mike and Laura

Nestled on the edge of the Kaipara Harbour NZ, we moved here to pursue a life of living of the land, creating a food forest and a simple life with our family of six.  This was something we fantasized early on when Mike and I first met in the late 90s.  However always in the back of our minds was the dream of following artistic pursuits and sharing our passions for others to enjoy.

Which brings us to the present day where together we have created Magpie Art Studio, where we combine Mikes love of pottery and his general kiwi DIY attitude, and my love of art and living a handmade simplistic life.

Mikes first introduction to clay was when he was 16 on ceramic sculpture at nightschool ( remember those days? ), 30 years later and he is still playing with mud, he hand makes each piece and has produces 100% of all the glazes used in the studio, which makes each piece unique and kiln opening day a very fun experience.   

I have always been creative, drawing and painting, which are my main passion, however during the years that the children were younger, a love of crafts that were more easily put down at the drop of a hat, to help a toddler, feed hungry mouths or stop a squabble, won the day!  Now as our kids are older, I am finding more space in the day to be lost in my art and reignite that flame.  SInce the day Mike handed me a blank cup and carving tool with the words 'just give it go' I was hooked, and now together we come up with designs to hopefully captivate those of you that admire the creations that are born from clay and fire.

When you purchase an item from us, know that you are supporting a small family owned business, dedicated in making handmade with quality materials.  We have self sustainability and Kiwi made at the forefront of our minds when we add products to our range, along with a personal goal of reducing our waste. So where possible we compost and recycle on site, which in turn helps us to convert our land into a garden of Eden.

When choosing a hand made craft you are using something that has been made with love and intention.... You are making the choice for a natural, eco friendly alternative! And your ceramic piece or Art Work will feel at home and hopefully will be loved as much as it was with making it.

Knotwood Design Limited trading as Magpie Art Studio