Care of Ceramics

Ceramics Crafted for a Lifetime

At Magpie Art Studio, I take great pride in creating ceramics that are built to last. Each piece undergoes a firing process at a temperature of 1255ÂșC (cone 7), resulting in what is known as "mid-fired ceramics." The outcome is a resilient and enduring ceramic piece that is perfect for everyday use.

Care and Handling of Your Ceramics

Rest assured that we diligently test our clay bodies and glazes to ensure their performance and longevity. Our handmade ceramics are designed to withstand the test of time in your home. To ensure your ceramics stay in optimal condition for years to come, here are some helpful guidelines:

Cleaning: You can safely place our ceramics in the dishwasher alongside your other dishes. However, if you prefer, hand washing is also a suitable option. Many of our customers have been using our ceramics in their dishwashers for years without any issues. When choosing a dishwashing detergent, it is advisable to avoid highly acidic or abrasive brands that may degrade ceramic glazes. Opting for more environmentally friendly detergents can help protect your dishes.

Microwave Use: Please note that our ceramics are not microwave safe due to the presence of iron oxide sand in the clay body. However, they can be safely used in the refrigerator. It's important to avoid subjecting the ceramics to rapid temperature changes, as this may cause thermal shock.

Oven Use: Our baking dishes are ovenproof and can be used for baking. However, they should not be used on stovetops or exposed to open flames.

Unglazed Surfaces: Some of our ceramics feature unglazed areas. As we produce stoneware that is non-porous and vitrified, the oil markings that may appear on baking dishes' unglazed surfaces will even out with continued use. Please be assured that these markings do not affect the safety of our ceramics.

Lead-Free Glazes: None of our ceramic glazes contain lead. We handcraft all our glazes from scratch, ensuring complete control over the ingredients we use and their origin.

Metal Marks: In the event of soft metal silverware leaving marks on your ceramics, you can hand wash them using a powder detergent that contains oxalic acid. This natural compound, found in rhubarb and spinach, works at a molecular level to break the bonds of stains like rust and lime deposits. You can find this detergent at most hardware stores. As the glaze is stronger than the soft metal, any marks will be on the surface and can be washed off easily.

Staining: Highly acidic foods, such as tomato-based pasta sauce, can potentially stain your ceramics if left stored for extended periods. Please keep in mind that our ceramics are intended for serving food, not long-term food storage. If staining occurs, hand washing with the aforementioned powder detergent is recommended.

A Few Additional Notes

It is advisable to handle your ceramics with care and avoid dropping them, as they may break upon impact. We can attest to this from experience!

Lastly, please remember that our ceramics are meant to be used and enjoyed. Don't keep them locked away in a cabinet; they long to be a part of your everyday life and bring you joy.

Thank you for choosing Magpie Art Studio's durable and functional ceramics.